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My passion for international education began as a study abroad student in Prague in Spring 2012. When I returned to campus, I became committed to promoting study abroad opportunities for other students based on the idea that international exchange and experience has a profound impact on people of all ages. After returning to the Czech Republic as a Fulbright English Teaching Assistant, I then worked as a Senior Program Administrator at the Institute of International Education on numerous international exchange programs, including the Brazil Scientific Mobility Program, Study America, and the Fulbright Foreign Student Program.

Most recently I continued to advise and encourage cultural exchange in the following positions:

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GoAbroad Foundation: Why I’m Glad I Volunteered in Ecuador 9 Years Ago

October 2017

My junior year of high school ended, I had just gotten my braces off, and I was sitting at an airplane gate alone for the first time. At 16 years old, I was participating in a volunteer program in Ecuador, a country I had only barely heard mentioned in my high school Spanish class.

Looking back 9 years, I was extremely lucky that my parents supported me to go on this adventure beyond my comfort zone so early in my educational and personal development. Numerous solo travel experiences later, volunteering abroad in high school was a crucial moment to gain a perspective that continues to guide my decisions.

GoAbroad-Logo How to Make ANY Internship Abroad an AWESOME Experience

August 2017 How to Work Abroad: Words of Encouragement

July 2017 How to Teach English Abroad

May 2017

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Study Abroad Apartments: 10 Packing Tips When Studying Abroad

January 2017

If you’re one of the thousands of students who will be studying abroad this semester, it’s about time to start packing. While the thought of such a long stretch away from home (and your closet) is overwhelming, there’s no need to fear the cavern of your huge suitcase or the mountain of clothes you’ve prematurely plucked from your closet. Instead, use these 10 key packing tips to pack swiftly and smartly for all your upcoming adventures abroad.

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Immersion Travel Magazine: The Rise of the International Internship

October 2016

At the start of each semester, the big question circling around American college campuses is, “What did you do this summer?” For several years, students have spent their summers jumping on opportunities that will boost their resumes, or even guarantee a job placement upon graduation. While internships in major U.S. cities were once the standard solution, employers and students now recognize that international experiences are providing students with the skills to succeed in a global economy and competitive job market.

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Intern Queen: Your First 5 Post-Abroad Career Steps

September 2016

Coming back from being abroad is never easy. You’ve had the time of your life, learned so much, and now you’re back home wondering, what now? Whether intended or not, while studying, interning, volunteering, or even simply traveling abroad, you developed amazing career skills that are coveted in the job market today. Now that you’re home, it’s time to translate that abroad experience into your next internship. With your time overseas fresh in your mind, take these five post-abroad career steps.

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The Write Life: 5 Easy Ways to Fight Writer’s Block in Your Second Language

June 2016

Writer’s block afflicts all great writers.Suddenly the words just won’t come out and you’re stuck sitting in front of your notebook or computer screen full of frustration. There are plenty of great articles out there with general tips about how to beat writer’s block. Now think about writing not just in your first language, but your second (third or fourth)

European Association for International EducationEuropean Association for International Education: The ‘write’ to learn from each other: higher education in the Czech Republic

September 2014

Opportunities to study abroad are increasingly popular and possible and students choose these experiences with an eagerness for challenges and adventures. Yet when embarking into the world of international education, students may face clashes between cultures, languages, and learning styles. I learned this as an American-study-abroad-student in Prague, and again when I returned to the Czech Republic as an English Teaching Assistant (ETA) through the J.W. Fulbright U.S. Student Program.

Connect To Learn

Connect To Learn: First Term Report Cards Show High Marks for CTL Scholarship Recipients

September 19, 2012

In January 2012 Connect To Learn launched 5 new scholarship programs across sub-Saharan Africa.  183 scholarships were awarded to girls in the Millennium Villages of Dertu, Kenya; Sauri, Kenya; Mayange, Rwanda; Mbola, Tanzania; and Ruhiira, Uganda. First term report cards for CTL scholarship recipients show a strong commitment among our students to achieve high marks and demonstrate outstanding academic performance, with a large number of students scoring among the tops of their classes.