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On the Style.BodyAndSoul blog I acted as a contributing writer from August-November 2016. In this role, I wrote reviews of soulful experiences during my travels and interview inspiring men and women of the fashion, wellness, and spiritual worlds. Read the full versions of my published articles by clicking the links below:

Meet the “Queen of Upcycling”- Designer, Orsola de Castro

November 2016

Orsola de Castro is famous in the fashion world for her innovative approach to design: upcycling, or reusing found items for a new aesthetic purpose. De Castro’s use of upcycling started in 1997 with her line From Somewhere, which gained fame through collaborations with other labels from Speedo to Jigsaw. Over the past 20 years, de Castro has also launched Esthetica with the British Fashion Council and Reclaim to Wear as extensions of her upcycling mission. She believes that the craft and careful design of fashion, before the age of mass consumption and production, is inherently linked to the principles of sustainability and ethics. Now, it’s time to get back to these roots.

Rediscovering Balance for a Weary Soul- Tri Yoga London

September 2016

Not only do I travel for work, but also traveling itself is work. Between the booking, packing, organizing, double-checking, flying, and finally, being in a foreign place, the act of travel has a large impact on the body and soul. Luckily, in London, there is Tri Yoga to relieve the burden of travel and everyday life stress and restore you to your natural balance.

Detoxing the Body & Soul- Haven Spa New York

September 2016

Tucked aside the central New York University campus in the heart of Manhattan, Haven Spa is truly a sanctuary of tranquility and transformation.  New York City is full of a lot of people, stress, drama, extreme heat and cold, and a lot of dirt. With a world of 8 million swirling around, it is refreshing to have some time for calm, as well as time to detoxify both inside and out. Join celebrities, including frequent-visiting cast members of hit Netflix drama Orange is the New Black, such as Dacha Polanco, and give-in to relaxing luxury at Haven. I always have trouble breaking my busy routine. Yet, after a quick two hours, I felt refreshed, cleansed, and more focused to jump back in with clarity, both in body and soul.

Kirsten Kjaer Weis- Organic Beauty With a Soul

September 2016

Kirsten Kjaer Weis is challenging women everywhere to go back to basics with the colorful, all-organic cosmetics of her namesake company, Kjaer Weis. After spending years as a makeup artist on shoots for Elle, Vogue, Lucky, and Marie Claire, Kirsten was inspired by her rural Danish roots to push the boundaries of natural ingredients. The result is Kjaer Weis: a line of high-performing, luxury make-up in innovatively sleek, refillable cases that reflect Kirsten’s sustainable vision from start to finish. Read on for a Style.BodyAndSoul exclusive interview with Kirsten, where we asked her about her inspiration, philosophy, and how she finds the time to enrich her spirit amidst the chaos of being such a visionary entrepreneur.

Learning to Let Go in New York City- Aire Ancient Baths

August 2016

It’s not easy to let go in New York City. Whether you are a native, resident, or tourist, the constant rush and stimuli are inescapable in this dominating metropolis. Although Aire Ancient Baths extends its reach to many cities around the globe, I cannot imagine a city where its tranquility could be more appreciated than in New York City.