Bude Zima, Bude Mraz*

November Hike in Podyjí National Park

*"It will be winter, it will be frost." A traditional Moravian folk song I have learned to play in my guitar lesson and now hum and sing in my head as I walk around in the cold. First of all, HAPPY THANKSGIVING AMERICA! As I sit here in my new local café hangout spot, I … Continue reading Bude Zima, Bude Mraz*

All “Proms” are Not Created Equal

The Game of Life: American Prom Edition

One of the first events I was invited to upon arriving in Znojmo and starting to teach was the Ples.  I was told over and over that this could be considered the Czech high school prom.  So with small warning and description of what to expect, I went into this weekend expecting something like an … Continue reading All “Proms” are Not Created Equal

Cultural Observer

Fulbright teacher

This weekend was jam packed with Czech culture and I truly felt immersed in life here. Starting with Friday, I helped out with my school’s “Open House” by teaching an optional English lesson for students. A surprising number showed up and I tried to make it fun by teaching about Thanksgiving.  We learned some history, … Continue reading Cultural Observer

2 Down, 8 to Go

The Ponte Vecchio and Arno

As my second official month here comes to a close, I am feeling more plunged into this experience than ever.  It feels as if I have been here for a least 5 months and it is hard to believe I still have so much time here.  Both September and October followed a similar pattern.  The … Continue reading 2 Down, 8 to Go