What is American?


While my official title and Fulbright grant say that I am an “English teaching assistant,” I think a more accurate description of my activities, as a teacher is an “American culture specialist.” Almost one of my three to four lessons each day involves giving an overview of some topic as it relates to American life.  … Continue reading What is American?

Grappling with Gratitude

Znojmo sky

While it is definitely still far from being Thanksgiving, I would like to dedicate this post to the amazing things and opportunities thus far in my Fulbright experience.  Several times this week I felt elated and overly happy, yet frustrated with the inability to show proper gratitude for people and things here.  So maybe this … Continue reading Grappling with Gratitude

Americans in Prague

Prague Castle gate

Last week was like a mini vacation from my new life in Znojmo. I returned to Prague for the first time since moving to Znojmo and was glad to see the rest of the Fulbright ETAs again for our second Fulbright orientation. Rather than focusing on teaching English and the Czech school system, this orientation … Continue reading Americans in Prague