Toronto All Stars

Last month my dad and I took a long weekend trip to Toronto for several exciting reasons: his birthday, my restlessness and NBA All Start Weekend. For years, my dad has always wanted to go to the All Star game and finally, the stars aligned for us to go when it would take place for … Continue reading Toronto All Stars

…East and West

The Great Wall

Life’s been a little hectic the past month. With lots of travels and starting a new job, I’ve found it hard to find the time sit still and form a routine that allows time to think. Now it’s been a few weeks and my awesome trip to Asia with my dad feels far away. Before … Continue reading …East and West

One Really Long Solo Holiday

Map of Castles Czech Austrian

Last week while practicing conditional statements with my students, one worksheet prompted: would you travel on holiday by yourself? I think most people would tend to look at this question and immediately answer “no.” Most of my students did and until this experience I probably would have said the same. However, in reality, my experience … Continue reading One Really Long Solo Holiday

Americans in Prague

Prague Castle gate

Last week was like a mini vacation from my new life in Znojmo. I returned to Prague for the first time since moving to Znojmo and was glad to see the rest of the Fulbright ETAs again for our second Fulbright orientation. Rather than focusing on teaching English and the Czech school system, this orientation … Continue reading Americans in Prague