Hi everyone, just as an update, the petition is up and running at http://www.savefulbright.org. Every time I check the site, the numbers go up, which is great! In addition, I have already sent messages to both my Senators and Congressional district representative in New Jersey and my English teaching mentor and school’s headmaster have written letters to the American Ambassador to the Czech Republic, Norman Eisen. One of my students even told me today that he signed the petition! Thank you to everyone reading this for your support– it really means so much to all past and future Fulbright grantees, as well as to the people we meet and connect with during our Fulbright experiences.

Happy First Day of Spring and Norooz (Persian New Year)!

One thought on “#SaveFulbright

  1. We signed the petition. Hope you have nice plans for the weekend. Can’t believe that we are home almost a week. We slowly getting back to what we call normal; thank goodness the weather is warmer…at least for a few days. Love you gma

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