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As many of you who have been following me this year know, writing played a big part in my Fulbright experience.  Not only did writing, both for this blog and for Reach The World, help me to process the ups and downs of culture shock and share my experience with all of you, but also it was a way I was able to help and connect with a lot of students and friends along the way.

I had never realized that it was something “different” that I had been taught how to write. Yet, high school English teachers, parents, and college professors have pushed me to refine not just the content, but also the structure and tightness of my writing. This past week I was published on the blog of The European Association of International Education. My article shares a bit about how not all education systems around the world emphasize writing in the same way the US education system does. Anyone knows me knows I am a huge advocate of studying abroad and international experiences. This article is a continuation of previous research where I explored how different academic and cultural traditions can serve as barriers to international exchange, particularly when students are not adequately prepared with skills to adapt to new educational environments. Enjoy!  http://www.eaie.org/blog/he-czech-republic/

As a result of this realization about writing and its importance for success in the American (and British) education systems, I have started a business called ESL Write Away to help English language learning students with their writing. If you, or anyone else you know, has something to write in English and needs help, please pass along my website! I can assist with simple grammar or be a more in-depth coach throughout the writing process. In addition, I am flexible with working with your budget (**get $5 off your first project**) I look forward to hearing from some of you soon! https://eslwriteaway.wordpress.com

Like ESL Write Away on Twitter too to spread the word and get updates on writing tips and the importance of international education: https://twitter.com/ESLWriteAway



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