North Dakota Sunset

2016: Making Moves

While on a global scale 2016 was a pretty tumultuous year, personally, it was also a pretty big year of changes and big moves. I was lucky to be able to travel most months of the year and managed to check-off all the clichés on the young traveler’s list of being 25, quitting my job, moving out of the city, moving back with my parents, … Continue reading 2016: Making Moves

Horses in Villa de Leyva

Part 3: Que Bacano in Bogotá & Boyacá

While my friend’s wedding inspired my South American trip in general, the decision to go to Colombia was inspired by my friend who lives in Bogotá. John and I first met in NYC when I was his English teacher at El Centro in the fall. However, our adventures in NYC were cut short when he returned home to Colombia in January. We continue to work … Continue reading Part 3: Que Bacano in Bogotá & Boyacá