Lake Bled

2014: Another Year in Travels

To continue my new tradition from last year, I decided to finish the year again by recapping all of the amazing opportunities I’ve had to travel and all of the amazing opportunities I have had to learn from these travels. When looking back at my 2013 Year in Travels post, this year has definitely proven to be different. While 2013 was filled with few extended … Continue reading 2014: Another Year in Travels

Climbing Sainte-Victoire, France

Heading West

Since last posting I have kicked off my spring season of visitors and travels! However, before going into detail about all of that, I’ll first recap the subject of almost all of my lessons 2 weeks ago: St. Valentine’s Day.  I have never been a fan of Valentine’s Day, but the amount of lessons I gave on the subject probably made me look like a … Continue reading Heading West