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Quitting my 9-5pm job and joining the Millennial generation of freelancing and creative living has taught me A LOT and led me to explore new career opportunities that I had previously never imagined. While it’s hard work, the freedom to take on new projects, learn new skills, and work with talented, passionate people has been an invaluable experience. As I continued to venture into the realms of marketing and web design as a freelancer, I used my writing skills to reflect and share my insights with others in my recent positions as:

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CMS Wire: How to Build an Agile Marketing Team Across Time Zones

June 2017

Agile marketing is fast-paced in every sense of the word, designed to keep up with — and stay ahead of — the constant evolutions in digital engagement and customer needs that change minute-to-minute around the world.

Agile marketing is focused around core teams that are always innovating, testing, analyzing and revising, an approach that’s made even more challenging these days by two fast-growing organizational trends: freelance employees and remote teams. One result of these trends is that companies — even small ones — must find ways to collaborate across time zones to deliver competitive marketing services to their clients and customers.

**Inspired by the Growth Labs team**

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Medium: Why Millennial Hillary are Questioning Their Existence

November 2016

In the wake of America’s decision on Tuesday, November 8th, 2016 to elect Donald J. Trump and Mike Pence to the positions of President and Vice President, I, along with many other millennials who voted for Hillary might appear a bit dramatic. My Facebook is a string of statuses of sadness, disbelief, and disappointment. We are shocked, horrified, and unstable. We are posting, tweeting, sharing articles to apologize to each other and the world for this decision and what it implies. I’ve heard it from relatives, friends overseas, and older generations that we need to calm down. So, why are we freaking out so badly?