Moravia in Delaware

Before heading off on my next adventure, it wouldn’t feel quite right without recapping my most recent trip. Last night at the Spanish- English intercambio I attend, one of my new friends judged Delaware for not having anything notable. It might seem this way from I-95, but my weekend trip to Delaware proved that the second smallest and first US state has a lot more … Continue reading Moravia in Delaware

GPOA Majáles Pride

An Unintentional Walk Down Memory Lane

The past week called for a lot of reflection as it officially marked my 1-year anniversary of graduation from The College of William and Mary. The weekend snuck up on me. All of a sudden I was seeing sentimental Facebook statuses and graduation photo shoots. Then it hit me, I can’t quite say I was actually “just in college.” However, working at a Czech high … Continue reading An Unintentional Walk Down Memory Lane