Moravia in Delaware

Before heading off on my next adventure, it wouldn’t feel quite right without recapping my most recent trip. Last night at the Spanish- English intercambio I attend, one of my new friends judged Delaware for not having anything notable. It might seem this way from I-95, but my weekend trip to Delaware proved that the second smallest and first US state has a lot more to it!


When describing the activities of my weekend to my Czech friends, they all commented that it sounded like I was on a Moravian holiday. This was due to the exploration of “historic” small towns, wine tasting at a vineyard and riding bikes in a state park. Maybe this was why it felt so refreshing for me to get out of the city and have a nice, familiar kind of holiday. Maybe it was also because the weekend turned out to be so unexpectedly perfect!

The idea was born on my last visit to Washington, DC, when my best friend from college and I realized that we were sick of always visiting each other only in our respective huge cities. We decided to pick somewhere in the middle for a vacation away from our ordinary cluttered lives. Add to this one of our other best friends and we had a great trio for the weekend.




We all arrived late Friday night, and snuggled up in our Ohio-themed room at The Heritage Inn. Then we managed to jam-pack everything on our short bucket list into the next 48 hours! We spent Saturday morning wandering around Milton, DE, a historic Victorian little town named after John Milton and conveniently having a town-wide yard sale on that day.




Next, we were awe-struck at the beautiful atmosphere of the Nassau Valley Vineyard, which offered wine tasting for $5 and a gorgeous tree to nap under afterward 🙂 Once we regained our strength, we even had time for some outlet mall shopping before heading out for the night.


In the evening, we wandered around the more-touristy Rehoboth Beach. We ate A LOT of Mexican food and then enjoyed some live music and experimental beer at the Dogfish Head Brew Pub. After reading a short article about Dogfish Head, I’m definitely sold on the creator’s innovative skills and local loyalty!





Sunday was another idyllic day of idyllic weather as we checked out Lewes and had the most picturesque brunch at Nectar. Turns out 3 people with similar taste make for a great trio to try 3 different menu items. Also, we all couldn’t get over how cute, cozy and bright the little restaurant was.



Our final 2 activities included a free bike ride around Cape Henlopen State Park and rewarding ourselves with ice cream cones at Hopkins Farm Creamery. After such a long winter, this trip finally felt like summer was around the corner. It also proved that maybe Delaware has more to it than meets the eye on the highway or on the map 🙂

2 thoughts on “Moravia in Delaware

  1. Take me with you! You always find wonder in all you see and do. An envious trait. Aunt Linda

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