Mom reading to Griselda

A Guatemalan Wedding

After a whirlwind travel day(ish) of being in 6 countries and 5 airports, it was quite a shock to my system to meet my family in Guatemala. The plan had materialized months before when our friends in Guatemala planned their wedding for Thanksgiving. However, the change of going from Central Europe to Central America in approximately 24 hours was not insignificant. Suddenly, I was speaking … Continue reading A Guatemalan Wedding

Recoleta Angel

Part 1: Buenos Aires Walking and a Wedding

In September 2013, I had just arrived in the Czech Republic for my Fulbright year and remember receiving an excited message from my good friend from university: she was engaged! For a moment I remember feeling so far away—not only physically, but also emotionally. Here was my friend taking a huge step to settled adult life and here I was, about to embark on a … Continue reading Part 1: Buenos Aires Walking and a Wedding