I am extremely lucky and privileged to have traveled extensively since a young age with my family, friends, and solo. As I collect ticket stubs and passport stamps, I now enjoy reflecting and sharing my experiences to encourage others to push their boundaries and extend their comfort zones. I believe that travel, whether across continents or across neighborhoods, provides a dose of perspective, a better understanding of the diversity of the world, and a simple breath of fresh air. I have continued to write about my experiences on my personal blog and as a past and ongoing contributor and editor for various travel websites, such as:

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Travel Massive Blog: California Goes Bohemian in LA and SF

June 2017

Both the Los Angeles and San Francisco Travel Massive chapters had the opportunity to spend an evening in the Czech Republic at events hosted by Jiri from CzechTourism this April. Both nights introduced the traditions of Czech cuisine, invention, and of course, beer and spirits to create a memorable atmosphere to inspire future travelers’ journeys to the Czech Republic.

Sonderers Travel Magazine

Sonderers Travel Magazine: Finding Pohoda

July 2016

My life has always been very on-the-go — going between my divorced parent’s houses, going to classes and club meetings all across my college campus, and now, going to work and then out and about in NYC. Unintentionally, I was brought up to understand that living meant doing as much as possible. Then, upon graduating and accepting a Fulbright grant to teach English abroad for one year, I left that bubble and discovered another kind of living. Due to its unique history, language, traditions, and holidays, the Czech Republic has a very different culture than that of my upbringing in the Northeastern United States. But one aspect stood out to me as being both fascinating and impossible to grasp: pohoda.