I am extremely lucky and privileged to have traveled extensively since a young age with my family, friends, and solo. As I collect ticket stubs and passport stamps, I now enjoy reflecting and sharing my experiences to encourage others to push their boundaries and extend their comfort zones. I believe that travel, whether across continents or across neighborhoods, provides a dose of perspective, a better understanding of the diversity of the world, and a simple breath of fresh air. I continue to write about my experiences on my personal blog and as a past and ongoing contributor and editor for various travel websites

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Sonderers Travel Magazine

Sonderers Travel Magazine: Finding Pohoda

July 2016

My life has always been very on-the-go — going between my divorced parent’s houses, going to classes and club meetings all across my college campus, and now, going to work and then out and about in NYC. Unintentionally, I was brought up to understand that living meant doing as much as possible. Then, upon graduating and accepting a Fulbright grant to teach English abroad for one year, I left that bubble and discovered another kind of living. Due to its unique history, language, traditions, and holidays, the Czech Republic has a very different culture than that of my upbringing in the Northeastern United States. But one aspect stood out to me as being both fascinating and impossible to grasp: pohoda.